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The new spatial biology standard

Unveiling protein functions in tissue, providing reproducible and unbiased quantitative cut-off values

QF-Pro® Technology
Precise quantitative analysis of protein functions in patient samples
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About us
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The New Spatial Biology Standard

HAWK sets a new spatial biology standard for precise quantitative analysis of protein functions in tissue. With an extraordinary dynamic range, HAWK’s QF-Pro® technology stands as the only solution capable of providing reliable, reproducible, and unbiased quantitative cut-off values related to protein functional states in tissues.

QF-Pro® Technology

Discover everything there is to know about our patented QF-Pro® technology. Quantifying Functions in Proteins (QF-Pro®) is a state-of-the-art bio-imaging platform offered by HAWK Biosystems. QF-Pro® is the only technology able to spatially quantify functional proteomic events, such as protein-protein interactions and protein post-translational modifications, within cell or tissue samples, at an unrivalled resolution. Explore our validated research assays, our clinical studies and research outputs.

Our products

HAWK Biosystems have developed a series of products allowing the easy integration of our QF-Pro® technology into laboratories. By reducing the typical barriers faced when working with advanced bio-imaging technologies, a primary feature of our products are their ease of use and reliability.

Simplifying FRET/FLIM to empower life science research.

Realise the potential of QF-Pro® with our flexible reagent kits.


Discover our academic or industrial partnership opportunities.

About us

Find out everything behind HAWK Biosystems. Learn about our core mission, vision, and values, meet our multicultural and interdisciplinary team and hear testimonials from our current employees to see how our company fosters an environment of opportunity and innovation.

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