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Quantifying protein functions at a sub-pixel resolution

In contrast to non- or semi-quantitative technologies such as PLA, QF-Pro® empowers precise quantification of highly subtle variations in protein functions, operating precisely within the 1-10nm range. This ensures accurate identification of genuine protein-protein complexes, typically found within the <10nm range, effectively eliminating false positives that lead to incorrect results. As it is easy to use and fully compatible with standard histopathology laboratory workflows, our technology enables real translation of protein-function research into clinical applications.

QF-Pro® also allows the visualisation of protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications, by preserving the morphology of the tissue microenvironment. Simultaneous visualisation and quantification of multiple protein functions becomes achievable, providing unprecedented insights into protein interplay and functional dynamics within tissues. Its unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity elevate protein analysis to new heights, setting it apart from conventional technologies.

Find out more about QF-Pro® and our research outputs to see how our technology can advance your research.


Dive into our repertoire of clinical case studies, where QF-Pro® has been used to detect several biomarkers in various pathologies. As a leading example, find out how QF-Pro® can predict patient response to anti-PD-1/PD-L1 therapies in lung cancer.

Validated Biomarkers

Find out more about the wide range of validated QF-Pro® assays that we offer, ranging from immune checkpoint interactions to dimerisations or kinase activation states. Our flexible technology can be applied to quantify the function of any biomarker in any disease setting.

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