Our products

Discover the products that make QF-Pro® easy and accessible to all researchers

Integrates into Current Laboratory Workflows

This product range makes our breakthrough technology accessible to researchers of all backgrounds and fits seamlessly within regular pathology laboratories. This consists of Violet 3.0, a novel bench-top imaging solution designed specifically for QF-Pro, accompanied by ergonomic imaging software and reagent kits.

Violet 3.0

Simplifying FLIM/FRET to empower life science research.

QF-Pro® Reagent Kits

Realise the potential of QF-Pro® with our flexible reagent kits.

QF-Pro® Technology

Discover everything there is to know about our patented QF-Pro® technology – the first FRET-based assay to work reliably in FFPE patient tissue samples. Explore our validated research assays, our clinical studies and research outputs.


Want to work with us? Find out about our Companion Diagnostics (CDx) partnership program and scientific collaborations. We have extensive collaborative networks around the world where we are running QF-Pro®-based studies.

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