Violet 3.0

Simplifying FLIM/FRET to empower life science research.

Violet 3.0 is the bespoke hardware package that makes our QF-Pro® technology accessible to any laboratory. Violet 3.0 is a simple to use all-in-one microscopy platform that contains all the required components to detect Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)by Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM). While other available FLIM platforms are often complex, requiring highly specialised maintenance. Violet 3.0 is a one-button device that offers not only a high-end modulated laser coupled with a sensitive modulated image sensor but also features a multi-channel LED for classical immunofluorescence setup, in a all-in-one benchtop solution. Its unparalleled ease of use empowers both seasoned scientists and newcomers alike to explore the intricacies of spatial biology with confidence.

Product features

Works with plates or slides

Violet 3.0 has an easy to switch stage insert, allowing for the analysis of microwell plates or up to four standard microscope slides at a time. It is equipped with 10X, 20X and 40X dry objectives.

Easy to use software

Violet 3.0 is accompanied with one desktop licence of our QF-Pro® software allowing users of all expertise to easily run the device and generate groundbreaking data.

Includes 4 LED channels

Alongside the modulated laser required for QF-Pro® analysis a secondary multichannel LED (365nm, 488nm, 585nm and 635nm) is included for the illumination of secondary biomarkers of interest.

QF-Pro® Software

What makes Violet 3.0 even more accessible and easy to use is the accompanying QF-Pro® software suite. This guides users of all experience through the process of loading their samples and creating a map of Regions of Interest (ROIs) to be acquired. The platform then sequentially acquires all mapped ROIs and calculates a QF-Pro® score per region and creates an image of the ROI (the lifetime map) . Post-acquisition analyses, such as the application of a threshold or change in Lookup Table (LUT) is automated, with the option of fine-tuning for more experienced users. All data can then be seamlessly exported from the QF-Pro® software into Microsoft Excel (data) or TIFF/PNG images.

The combination of Violet 3.0 and QF-Pro® software will allow any laboratory or researcher to harness to power of the QF-Pro® technology.

QF-Pro® reagent kits

Discover our flexible reagent kits which allow QF-Pro® to be used in any laboratory setting. Our kits contain everything needed for a user to perform QF-Pro® analytics in house and can be applied to any biomarker.

Validated Biomarkers

Find out more about the wide range of validated QF-Pro® assays that we offer, ranging from immune checkpoint interactions to dimerisations or kinase activation states. Our flexible technology can be applied to quantify the function of any biomarker in any disease setting.

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