QF-Pro® Reagent Kits

Realise the potential of QF-Pro® with our flexible reagent kits.

Launching now are our proprietary QF-Pro® reagent kits. Our QF-Pro® kits contain the tailored secondary detection reagents and specific components necessary to perform functional protein labelling in situ. It includes secondary antibodies for FRET, quenching and blocking buffers as well as the signal amplification reagents. These kits are designed to allow the users to test their favourite primary antibodies for the detection of protein function in FFPE, tissue and cells.

All QF-Pro® reagent kits will be stable for at least 6 months upon receipt and contain enough reagents to perform QF-Pro® labelling on up to 100 FFPE tissue slides or a 96 -well plate.

Discover our validated biomarkers for research applications

Violet 3.0

Our flagship microscopy platform, Violet 3.0, simplifies FRET/FLIM to empower the use of QF-Pro®, removing all the complexity from this technology to make it accessible to researchers and clinicians of all backgrounds.


Want to work with us? Find out about our Companion Diagnostics (CDx) partnership program and scientific collaborations. We have extensive collaborative networks around the world where we are running QF-Pro®-based studies.

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