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CDX Partnership Program

To check out our pre-validated biomarker sets, please view our ‘QF-Pro® technology’ page. In addition to those assays in our portfolio, we also offer custom assay creation to report on your specific protein-protein interaction (PPI) or post translational modification (PTM) targets of interest. We understand the obstacles that can hinder the creation of new assays, which is why our validated QF-Pro® technology presents a perfect way to answer novel scientific questions, providing research and translational medicine teams with the power of functional, quantifiable biomarkers for supporting the development of new drug targets and treatments.

We Offer QF-Pro® Products and Assays as Companion Diagnostic Tools

Providing new routes to elucidate biologically relevant biomarkers based on protein function.

As a patient stratification tool for phase I to phase IV trials and, potentially, for patient stratification in commercial treatments in clinical use.

For the functional shortlisting of targets and mechanistic observation of the MoA of drugs in tissues and cell lines.


At HAWK Biosystems, we thrive on research partnerships and are constantly seeking to work in tandem with clinicians, researchers and academics alike. We have undertaken multiple partnerships with a range of universities and research organisations across several continents.

HAWK Biosystems are constantly striving to inspire, train and promote young scientists in a multidisciplinary manner that spans both academia and industry. We therefore host masters’ placements and PhD students from a range of different academic backgrounds. If you are interested in joining the HAWK Biosystems team, get in touch today.

Why Hawk?

Learn why we are the best choice for exploring protein functions in spatial biology. Our extensive expertise, combined with the unrivalled and precision of QF-Pro® make us the best choice for advancing your research.

Validated Biomarkers

Find out more about the wide range of validated QF-Pro® assays that we offer, ranging from immune checkpoint interactions to dimerisations or kinase activation states. Our flexible technology can be applied to quantify the function of any biomarker in any disease setting.

Our company

Find out everything behind HAWK Biosystems and the company’s culture. Learn about our core mission, vision, and values. Hear testimonials from our current employees to see how our company fosters an environment of opportunity and innovation.

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