QF-Pro® Technology

Precise quantitative analysis of protein functions in patient samples

What Is QF-Pro®?

Quantifying Functions in Proteins (QF-Pro®) is a state-of-the-art bio-imaging platform able to spatially quantify functional proteomic events within fixed patient samples (FFPE, cell lines, PBMC, etc.), such as protein-protein interactions and protein post-translational modifications, at an unrivalled resolution and dynamic range.


Read our latest manuscripts to see how QF-Pro® has been used to advance translational and clinical research. Alternatively, our reviews will show you how quantitative functional proteomics can pave the way to more impactful research.

Violet 3.0

Our flagship microscopy platform, Violet 3.0, simplifies FRET/FLIM to empower the use of QF-Pro®, removing all the complexity from this technology to make it accessible to researchers and clinicians of all backgrounds.

QF-Pro® Reagent Kits

Discover our flexible reagent kits which allow QF-Pro® to be used in any laboratory setting. Our kits contain everything you need to perform QF-Pro® analytics in house, and can be applied to any biomarker.

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