HAWK Biosystems Partners with M&S Instruments to Bring Innovation to Life Science Researchers in Japan

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey at HAWK Biosystems – the forging of a strategic partnership with M&S Instruments, a renowned distributor of scientific instruments in Japan. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in our mission to empower life science researchers with cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Introducing Our Partner: M&S Instruments

M&S Instruments has earned a reputation for excellence in distributing scientific instruments across Japan. With a commitment to delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled service, M&S Instruments share our vision of advancing scientific research and discovery. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and extensive network makes them an ideal partner for HAWK Biosystems.

Visit their website in the following link: https://www.technosaurus.co.jp/company/en/profile_us

Unveiling Innovation: Violet 3.0 and QF-Pro®

During a recent visit to our laboratory, M&S Instruments had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the innovative capabilities of Violet 3.0 and our QF-Pro® software and reagents. M&S Instruments were particularly excited on Violet 3 .0 makes FRET/FLIM imaging easier than ever before, and how this will allow researchers of all backgrounds to exploit the benefits of QF-Pro®. Over the course of three days, our teams collaborated closely to explore the potential of our technologies in revolutionising life science research in Japan.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

The partnership between M&S Instruments and HAWK Biosystems has already begun to yield promising results. With M&S Instruments now serving as our official distributor in Japan, we have witnessed a surge in interest from research institutions and biotechnology companies. Exciting QF-Pro®-based projects are already underway, showcasing the transformative impact of our technologies.

Empowering Researchers with QF-Pro®

At the heart of this partnership lies our shared commitment to enabling researchers with the tools they need to make groundbreaking discoveries. Through the distribution of Violet 3.0, our QF-Pro® software, and reagent kits, M&S Instruments is poised to bring our innovation to life science researchers across Japan. Together, we are unlocking new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration.

A Bright Future of Collaboration

As we look ahead, we are filled with excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead with M&S Instruments as our partner. Together, we will continue to innovate, collaborate, and drive positive change in the world of life science research. We extend our gratitude to M&S Instruments for their partnership and look forward to a future filled with shared successes.

Stay Connected

We invite you to stay connected with us as we embark on this exciting journey with M&S Instruments. Follow our progress and be part of our mission to empower researchers and accelerate scientific discovery.

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